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Does Obama/Ayers = Palin/Vogler?

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Desperately seeking….anything!

I’ve seen a couple of emails now circulated by the left desperately seeking something, anything, that might deflect some of the scrutiny finally being given to Obama regarding his interesting choice of friends, associates and mentors.  Obama/Ayers is finally, and appropriately being vetted by the fawning media, but now the liberals are touting their own gotcha! association from the backwoods of Alaska.  The AIP and deceased founder Joe Vogler.

So, when a friend of mine forwarded this piece from I figured it would be good to do some compare and contrast.  Here are a few points that Salon and liberals might wish to consider as they caricaturize and stretch this story to fit their needs:

Obama/Ayers is all about people the presidential candidate was demonstrably close to.  No weak party affiliations or half-references needed here.  Obama spent considerable time and affiliation with Bill Ayers, and launched his political campaign from Ayers’ own home.  If this was apples to apples as the liberals are painting it, we would now turn to McCain/?  but as we know, John McCain was a little more prudent with his choices of affiliation and mentorship.  So, the liberals have to take a step downward and go for Sarah Palin.  But again, they don’t have anything really juicy on Sarah either (even after lefties hacked into and publicized her personal emails), so they have to settle for good old Todd Palin.  But then it trails off even further here because Todd was indeed a member of AIP, but it turns out that you can’t pal around well with a dead guy because Joe Vogler was …well, quite dead for some considerable time before Todd even got into the party.

Correction: September 5, 2008
An article on Tuesday about concerns over Senator John McCain’s background check of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, his choice of running mate, misstated the history of her political party affiliation. As The Times has since reported, she has been a registered Republican since 1982; she was not for a couple of years in the 1990s a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, which advocates a vote on whether her state should secede.

The truth is that Palin/Vogler does not even exist.  Never did – fiction of the most concocted kind.  No campaigns launched from his home, no fawning memoirs, no co-chairmanships – just wishful thinking on the part of liberals everywhere.  The AP attempted to place Sarah Palin inside the AIP earlier this year, and got mud on their face when they were forced to retract their erroneous claim.  It is interesting to note that the left paints Sarah as palling around with Vogler when he was both dead and absent from the party for 2 years before Todd even became part of the party.  Numerous lefty blogs who were reluctant to call Ayers anything but a “revolutionary” are now happy as larks to proclaim Vogler to be a genuine bonafide terrorist.  Interesting here how Vogler’s mere words (granted, he’s a bit “out there” folks!) cause him to become a terrorist, and Bill Ayers’ explosives and destruction fade to ..what was that Tom Brokaw called it??  ah yes.. “school reformer”

The issue Obama has and will always carry is that his own connections with Rezko, Wright and Ayers are all well-documented, close associations and exchanges.  Obama did not vet them or avoid them – why?  His involvement in Annenberg alone would have fried McCain or any other Republican if he had been involved in such a ridiculous and fruitless waste of money.  As I mentioned before, Oprah Winfrey appears to be much more presidential than Barack Obama in many ways because she at least figured out what Jeremiah Wright was all about and “made the change.”  So too, Todd Palin appears to have put things together and gotten the hint that the AIP was maybe a bit too “fringe-like.”

Criticize Todd Palin for being a member of AIP if you like.  They certainly seem to have some “issues” brewing there, but other than being a fringe political group advocating secession, they do not appear to be anything close to a terrorist organization.  However, if you would like to see what the mind of a true terrorist looks like, just do a bit of research on Mr Bill Ayers, and be sure to have a look at what he said then, and what he says now.


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October 9, 2008 at 5:45 am

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