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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Berlinski 1, Derbyshire -1

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The score might have a shot at being at least 1 to 1, but Derbyshire never showed for the match, and then proceeded to cat-call from the side line like so many roasted legumes, so I arbitrarily subtracted a point just for fun, and another for committing the unthinkable in a pub’d review:  which would be to not actually review the thing being reviewed – that Dang thing. 

This rebuke by Mr Berlinski rams home a point I have been trying to make to some of my liberal atheist leaning friends who when invited to see the Expelled movie proceeded to neatly construct their own cartoon caricature version of the premise of Premise.  Then fully thrash that defenseless caricature to death, and finish off by reminding me that scientists don’t just get fired for nothing, and that I believe in something that is not able to be proved.  Thanks so much for staying on point, folks. 

So..back to that invite….guys?  {chirp, chirp}

Well, none of my liberal atheist minded friends would take the bait and go for free tix to see Expelled with me.  I was hurt at first.  Danged hurt – after all, I had sat down with one of the most liberal, Che Guevarra-esque of my friends and endured every last one of the 122 minutes of F9/11 just so I could tear into it with well-earned and informed zeal.  After that, I invited them to come and see Fahrenhype 9/11 so they could at least see the other side to that sorry excuse for film.  But alas..

Crickets again.

So Berlinski’s friends didn’t show either – I don’t feel so bad any more.

The movie was great, by the way.  My review next week.


Written by selectedpete

May 6, 2008 at 4:55 am

Posted in evolution, expelled

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