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AiG – Responding To Skeptical Readers

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Feedback: religion has zero effect on a persons integrity

I have grown quite fond of these thoughtful responses by various members at Answers in Genesis to critics and skeptics of their work.  There is a consistency in the answers  that is  marked by care and a devotion to the true letter of the Bible.  Often times, critics of Christianity will make their arguments against “religion” in general.  But when you strip away the term “religion” and really look at just the teachings of the Bible, many of those arguments fall flat, because they are really not criticisms of Christianity per se, but really of sinful actions made by people who sometimes happen to be (or claim to be) Christians.  I could certainly include myself in that last characterization because there are many times in my Christian life when I simply do not live up to the teachings of Christ as I should – I fail.  During those times of failure, I am sure that my actions do nothing to help the agnostic believe in God.  But – the concept of failure and redemption (for anyone) is what makes Christianity so unique against the balance of religions in the world.

The article linked above contains great examples of the typical set of criticisms offered by agnostic or atheistic thinkers who often do not have a strong grasp of what the Bible actually teaches, yet are willing to paint broad strokes about “religion” in general, then attribute those broad strokes to the Bible believer en masse.   This article is one of many that AiG posts to its site in an effort to address the many concerns of those skeptics of the Biblical worldview.  It is a very good study in apologetics because these are tough questions that require a thoughtful but equally tough response and defense.

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March 29, 2007 at 3:17 pm

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