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Franken to leave Air America after network sale – The Washington Times

The Air America ship of fools casts off for more hospitable shores now, less the whining Franken.  I have written often about Air America because on the surface, I am sure it made sense for the far left to try and float a network for progressives during the Bush years – but my point in 2005 still remains that it has to bring something new to the table.

But it didn’t.

Talk radio already has a much more refined voice for center left called NPR.  I say refined, because I can listen to NPR and not have to hear segment upon segment of caterwalling Randi Rhodes doing a woe-is-you Streisand-like monologue.  Usually the schtick is a diatribe about fat cats, big money and sleazy deals.  I never once heard her talk candidly about the dealings of Air America that way.  You know – the fat cats, big money and sleazy deals.  It had all the liberal catch phrases – even snatching money from childrens’ charity.

“Today is both an ending and a beginning — an end to the right-wing dominance of talk radio, a beginning of a battle for truth, a battle for justice, a battle indeed for America,” Mr. Franken said on his first broadcast when the network signed on with five affiliates on March 31, 2004.

Franken has been talking recently about getting into politics – I think I see video of a wrestling match at a debate, or maybe decking a heckler in the name of free speech in the works for Al.


Written by selectedpete

January 30, 2007 at 3:51 pm

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