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RealClearPolitics – Is Rudy Likely to Be a Favorite or a Flop?

I think this argument is probably right on.  Ask the typical person on the street, and they will recount video clips of a strong leader walking the streets of New York with white dust swirling and a kerchief pulled over his face.  What they cannot recount is where he stands on the core issues.  That’s where it gets hazy – but it shouldn’t be.  These are core issues:  abortion, gun rights and gay rights.

McCain and possibly Romney are the only other real contenders for all intents and purposes.  Of the two, McCain is clearly the front runner and media darling.  I said it in 2004, and will say again that Hillary is only electable if a severe power void exists on the (R) side.  If conservatives cannot field a strong winner, then the Hillary ticket becomes possible.  I am no fan of either McCain or Giulianni, but given choices, I have to select McCain if it means defeating Hillary.  Rudy is a good leader, but he is not conservative material, and I agree that he could never emerge as the Republican nominee.

Written by selectedpete

January 16, 2007 at 3:52 pm

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