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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

The Laughable Files – The Great Guppy Gap

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Evolution: Predator-Free Guppies Take an Evolutionary Leap Forward — Morell 275 (5308): 1880 — Science

Whenever I hear established evolutionists chortling amongst themselves in hotly contested forums such as the EvC about the presupposed improbability that any creationist might have something scientific to offer the debate, I have to just shake my head and laugh because they refuse to even consider publishing the examined works of any critic (Walter Remine is a great example), but they will gleefully trot out stories like this one on an isolated group of fat, happy guppies. This sham of an article is nearly ten years old now, but is such a good example of the quackery that is published purporting to back up this evolution hobby horse.

The insidious nature of this is that the average citizen is bombarded with these snippets day in and day out, and eventually brainwashed into joining the collective lemmings who would have us assume that this pool of guppies are just another “proof-positive” of the evolution story.

Still, this evolution-in-the-wild study has fired the imaginations of other biologists bent on studying evolution in action. British Columbia’s Schluter, for one, is already designing a similar project. “We’re entering a new age of these … experiments,” he says, “and from them, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of evolutionary patterns.”

If one reads to the very end of this article, it becomes obvious that there are some in evolution circles who see this pool of guppies for what it really is: a pool of fat guppies. With this brief criticism in mind, it is bewildering that these so-called critical thinkers in the scientific media are not writing this under the title:

Evolution or Just lack of Competition?: Predator-Free Guppies Get Fat and Thrive.


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December 14, 2006 at 5:23 pm

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