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It’s 9:30 on the West Coast here and I have an early day, so must turn in, but it’s been a wild ride at the polls, and my hopes for the Republicans to hold out at least in the Senate stand jeopardized at this hour. It appears that those much contested independent votes turned away from the administration (and for valid reason, I must concede).

The words “Speaker Pelosi” are going to be tough to hear, but Republicans will have the next (at least) couple of years to think about how serious they wish to be in areas that matter most. Something will have to be done about the Iraq war, and still more about our sloppy borders and port security issues.

The far left it seems will have their day, but it may actually give the nation a good hard look at what a leftward lean will do over the next 2 years leading to 2008. If Pelosi has her way this will mean boring gridlock, but that strategy will most likely backfire. Dems must now divulge what their plan is going to be, and if it looks like anything from the campaign trail, well, whining and complaints just aren’t going to do.

The 2 hardest blows of the night come from the losses of Santorum who is a fine leader, and it seems also from Michael Steele in Maryland. Virginia is still out there at this point, so will have to see what the numbers look like in the AM. I suspect not much different because there will most certainly be some recount activity with lawyers in close attendance!

I forgot – congrats to Joe Lieberman for defeating the status quo and sticking in the mud. The Dems can take a tip from his campaign. The Lamonts and Angelides of the political landscape stand repudiated.

Good night and may America bless God.

Written by selectedpete

November 8, 2006 at 5:53 am

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