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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Some observations and emerging data from Hugh Hewitt

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Hugh Hewitt has the realtime

Per usual, when the MSM and talking heads are all a-flutter over nothing, Hugh Hewitt actually takes the time to post the numbers.  This election reminds me so much of the 2004 election because everyone (even Republicans) were worried that Kerry would take the election.  The early data (exit polls) was a complete bust, and things came out very much in favor of the Republicans.  I remember a good friend calling me that night to see if I knew anything he didn’t because the exit data looked so lousy for Bush.  I distinctly remember Hugh Hewitt talking to Michael Barone that day, and Barone assuring that the exit data would be badly skewed.

He was so right.

This time, it may very well prove to be even more sharply divided in favor of Republicans because the fever pitch is so unbelievably high right now, you can hear a pin drop on the Pelosi/Lamont/Sheehan front as they collectively suck in their breath and await their well-desreved victory over the evil Bush monarchy.

This election is going to be really, really interesting to watch tonight because if there is any time that the Democrats should be able to sweep us under the rug, it should be tonight.  They have everything going for them except for…Mr Kerry, Ms Pelosi, Howard, CNN, and of course, Lieberman and Steele.  You go, Joe!!!

It’s going to be extremely ugly in Democrat land tomorrow if another exit poll bust completely pops their drape-measuring bubble.  Me-thinks the dastardly Rove may just have the last laugh after all…


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November 7, 2006 at 11:25 pm

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