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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Rep John Murtha and Michael J Fox – Peas In A Pod

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RealClearPolitics – The Unconscionable Claims of Michael J. Fox

The comparison is simple, but consistent in the Dem party strategy.  John Murtha’s cut and run recipe for Iraq is supposedly bolstered by his valiant service to America so many decades ago.  Great – the token veteran who speaks from a Sheehan-esque authority.  I’ll thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr Murtha for your service and sacrifice – that does not, however, mean that I have to kow tow to your current thinking so many decades later.  I am sorry, but I missed that rule that says getting shot up automatically causes you to be elevated to a military strategical genius.

Michael J Fox is now crippled by an admittedly terrible disease, but somehow I am supposed to suddenly believe his wild claims about the incredible value of stem cell research – why? Of course!  Because he knows what a chigg-a-watt really is!

The plain fact is that embryonic stem cell research is proving to be a bust. There are currently 72 therapies showing human benefits using adult stem cells and zero using embryonic stem cells. Scientifically-minded readers can review this medical journal article on the status of adult stem cell research. Adult stem cell therapies are already being advertised and promoted while no such treatments are even remotely in prospect for embryonic stem cell research.      [from the RCP article]

The Dems love to take people like Murtha and Fox and wrap them up in some kind of warm, happy “credibility cloak,” but for all of his personal suffering, Fox is no better than Pelosi or Kennedy when it comes to butchering facts and misleading the electorate.

Written by selectedpete

October 25, 2006 at 8:27 pm

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