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Michael Lerner Should Work at the UN

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A person who I consider a good friend of mine forwarded Michael Lerner’s latest and greatest today, and hailed it as a fresh, daring new perspective, and I just have to completely disagree with any idea that this is even mildly daring or new. It could very well have been written by Nancy Pelosi or Kofi Annan, and that is why I suggest that maybe Lerner could find a good home at the UN. Lerner’s proposal for a ceasefire is nothing more than a call for return to status queue where Israel sits and waits for the next Hezbollah or Hamas attack – triggered of course, by Tehran and Damascus.

Maybe Lerner could come up with something really, really exciting and new such as the demise of monogamy, or the marriage of LSD to enlightenment….er..nevermind

Anyway – After some brief thought, my response to my liberal friend was that a really daring perspective would include the condemnation of Syria and Iran as well as the demand that Hezbollah both disarm and vacate Lebanon…but that’s just crazy talk now isn’t it?

The proposed Tikkun ad will apparently grace the pages of the NY Tombs as soon as Lerner’s spam can garner enough donations. I think it will probably fit in quite nicely on the pages of America’s most circulated lefty rag.

By the way – I can’t really find any evidence that he is or ever was a rabbi either – but that’s just nit-picking now isn’t it ;0)


Written by selectedpete

July 26, 2006 at 1:47 pm

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