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The Foolishness of Crowds – Really Joe?

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Joe at Evangelical Outpost has a lively discussion happening on the Port issue. I have placed a couple of comments there in complete disagreement with Joe. One reason is that Republicans constantly complain that elitist Liberals love to label the American public as uneducated and uninformed. Joe is now doing the same thing and trying to base his argument for the ports deal on this premise. It won’t fly, and here’s why:

I didn’t do much research on this initially, and did not post for that reason. Now that I have had a chance to hear various perspective on it, I must conclude that the Bush admin has made a very large blunder here – one that will come up again and again in the attack ads of the elections. It just doesn’t matter that this is a discussion about port operations versus security because in the court of public opinion, the battle is really over the fact that our soft underbelly has a pending intimate relationship with an entity that is perceived to be other than pro American.

The Bush admin has done the president no favor by saying that Bush did not know. This makes it worse. This promotes the idea that Bush is out of touch with what his staff is doing, and will serve as more fodder in the end. The real mistake here was made when the decision wa made to move forward without first softening the blow with good PR. Even as Clinton is remembered most for his sexual exploits, then Bush will forever be remembered as a poor marketer and communicator of ideas where it really mattered. Then there’s that little issue of timing things well.

Here is where intellectual honesty is at stake for conservatives and Republicans. I hope to be remembered as an intellectually honest person, not as a lock-step Rove-ite. No offense Mr Rove – love yer show, but I am with Frist and others who are questioning whether the admin is making smart chess moves right now. On matters of border and port security – this admin is losing ground hand over fist (and not just from the left), and they will have to do some amazing things to change the growing perception that they are out to lunch in theor second term.

the evangelical outpost: The Foolishness of Crowds:
Reflections on the Ports Controversy


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February 23, 2006 at 8:15 am

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