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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Semantics and Guilt by Association

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The more I see of these hearings, the more I am convinced that Alito will soon be confirmed, and that the Dems will suffer some damage in a time that they could capitalize and ride much higher in the water. They are simply flailing at this point, and you can see it in their faces and reactions. They have all gotten themselves hung up on the wire over Alito’s association with CAP. They have forgotten the really salient points of discussion (centering on simple ideology and his rulings and opinions as an actual judge) which they could have exploited with much greater effect. CAP will prove to be a worthless, time wasting rabbit hole and even if they succeed in delaying this confirmation, they will have played a lousy hand and folded.

It is hilarious to watch Kennedy and his flock parade these context devoid snippets and essays from the CAP archives as if these were opinions written by Alito himself. Those with votes will see through this charade and remember later when it counts. If CAP really matters that much, and guilt by association is truly an offense, then Senators Byrd and Kennedy need to resign immediately for their past “transgressions.” Also – any other members of congress who happened to have their names on some obscure roll-call of all-male, all-female or any race-exclusive institutions, need to hand in their office keys and depart Washington in shame.

I was listening to a couple of minutes of Laura Ingraham this morning, and I had to chuckle because Laura is one sharp woman when it comes to this stuff. Turns out she herself was an editor, THE editor, of the CAP publication so widely quoted by Kennedy and others. Not only that, but an Indian woman (shudder, oh my) was also listed by Ingraham as a member of the leadership of CAP during the Reagan era. It certainly sounds like CAP was a conservative organization, but I am finding less and less evidence that it was either racist or exclusive to women and minorities. If you actually dig into the minutiae of facts being trumpeted by the Randi Rhoades’ and MoveOn folks, you will clearly see that CAP was in favor of limiting and doing away with quota based enrollment – a cornerstone of conservative thought back then, and today.

To this end, it makes perfect sense to me that Alito would show on his resume that he was aligned with that track of thinking during that time period (though, as this article points out – he may be kicking himself now for including it). Oh well – another perfectly good axle with liberals wrapped tightly around it… – Politics – Dems Slam Alito’s Alumni Group


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January 12, 2006 at 8:10 am

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