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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

The NSA and Car Parts – What’s that stuck to your axle???

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Hugh Hewitt has been working on this for a few days now, and has collected some very good analysis from both the left and the right. I remain simply surprised that this is even news at this point. How any American with a *very* minor understanding of US history and governmental structure could be surprised that the NSA is doing regular surveillance on citizens inside or outside the country, is baffling to me.

Only two explanations could be possible for this supposed ignorance: 1. The person truly is completely ignorant of the powers of the executive branch during peace and war times or, 2. The person hates that it (surveillance) is happening, and especially hates the administration responsible for authorizing it. My suspicions are growing that our explanation lies mainly with the latter of the two – keeping in mind that a combo of 1. and 2. above will usually result in mass hysteria, bleeding of the ears, and caterwalling at the moon in some cases.

I do recognize that insider leaks providing details of such an elite and undercover operation might make for juicy coverage, at least initially to some, but MSM (Alter is a great example) has simply turned this non-story/non-event into a real circus by getting readers into an uproar about supposed abuses of power. In the case of Alter’s op-ed piece, it looks more like a case of the uninformed informing …well.. the uninformed (especially after checking out the transcript of Hewitt’s interview with Alter). I cannot for the life of me imagine even the top ranks of Al Quaeda listening to this and saying to themselves: “You mean they are actually spying on us and intercepting our transmissions inside the US??? We thought they could only do that in places like Ethiopia!!!”

So, you can imagine my reaction to the fringe left such as Dean and the comedians formerly known as SNL at Air America who are talking about impeachment, dictatorships and other such skullduggery going on in this power-grabbing, no oversight-having, banana republic wanna-be, lying, cheating, horn-swaggling, miscreant, monkey-faced administration (did I get everything in there?). The point here is simply that as usual, it takes much cooler heads to prevail, but it’s always done well after the MSM and so-called “libertarian” left get so badly wrapped around the axle, that you just have to remove the silly thing and toss it in the nearest bin – or, maybe…..

Anybody need a gently used axle???


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December 22, 2005 at 1:32 pm

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