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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Annan Translation: Please Stop Asking The Tough Questions

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Kofi was in rare form today as he hurled the ultimate insult against a reporter – the one thing you never say – the most horrible epithet known to Brits the world over (I almost dare not put it in print here) “cheeky” There, I said it. It’s out, and it can’t be taken back. Oh the humanity…

‘I think you’re being very cheeky,” Annan interrupted. “Listen James Bone, you’ve been behaving like an overgrown schoolboy in this room for many, many months and years. You are an embarrassment to your colleagues and to your profession. Please stop misbehaving and please let’s move on to a serious journalist.’

After the cheeky reporter left the room, Annan continued his conference and spoke of his sincere desire stop the Iraq war from happening [and thusly, not revealing how absolutely botched the Oil for Food program really was]. After all, if the war had never happened, he could still be sending family members large UN contracts, European automobiles and oil vouchers, and he wouldn’t have to be dealing with Bolton and his crazy hair.

‘One thing that I would have liked to see done is for us to have done everything that we could have done to avoid a war in Iraq,’ he said. ‘That has brought such division within this organization and the international community. That is one thing that I must say still haunts me and bothers me.’

I’ll bet you would, Kofi, I bet you would love to have done that… – U.S. & World – Annan Blasts Media for Oil-for-Food Coverage:


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December 22, 2005 at 9:40 am

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