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Is This What You want?

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To my liberal friends with families, I ask simply, is this the environment that you support? A couple close friends of mine have new baby girls who will grow up very fast and have to go to school some day. I have three boys who will grow up just as fast, and I wonder to myself whether they will grow to be men of character, or, if they will reject that path and become like Steve York at UCSD student run TV.

This UCSD scenario is repeating itself all over the country in liberal safe-houses we like to refer to as “Universities”, and predictably, the liberal agenda excuses it, and the conservative one seeks to stop it. Every time this scenario plays out, the liberals play the persecuted “Galileo” card, and the conservatives are painted as the oppressive Neidermeyers. I ask my liberal friends “how do you excuse this? and how do you justify it?” If your young girl grows up with a strong spine and is willing to stand and face this like Kate Pillon, will you applaud, or will you be disappointed that she did not stand for so-called “free speech?” How free should free speech be? When do you tell someone “I don’t want to be exposed to your version of “free speech.”?

The liberal Democrats are in love with a version of “free speech” which allows people like Steve York to mock and debase a critic like Kate Pillon by super-imposing her picture on a graphic porn film for the purpose of “creative satire.”

I ask you again – is this really what you want?

A recent poll at UCSD asked the following question:
Was the A.S. Council right to ban pornography from Student-Run Television?

–No, the council should never regulate media content – 45.5% (81 vote(s))

–Not before conducting an investigation – 33.7% (60 vote(s))
–Yes, nudity should be banned – 8.98% (16 vote(s))
–No Opinion – 11.79% (21 vote(s))

Apparently this is what the students at UCSD prefer… I, frankly, am wondering why the question would even have to be posed in the first place.


Written by selectedpete

November 2, 2005 at 8:44 am

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