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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

ID mind you, and I actually had to PAY for it!

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Oh the humanity, children! When you start getting charged for a book on ID, things have really, really, hit bottom. I mean, what are they thinking over there in ID-land anyway?

Alan Boyle has been running an interesting, if predictable series at MSNBC’s Cosmic Log on the Evolution vs ID debate. His latest post had me cleaning a little coffee from the keyboard (sprayed in a fine mist at velocity from both nostrils) because the whole piece was about ID authors making more money than mainstream evolutionist authors.

Boyle spends a good portion of his time plugging a blogger named Chris Mooney who surprisingly writes books titled “The Republican War on Science.” Gee, Wally – sounds purdy scientific to me! So….Boyle proceeds to base roughly half his article on roughly two calculations by Mr Mooney which say roughly, that ID snake-oil salesmen are currently sitting underneath your aunt Betty’s winder-sill (well, they didn’t actually say snake-oil salesmen) waiting to pounce upon her and force her to buy their latest tomes.

So – I wrote to Mr Boyle and informed him that evolutionists do indeed charge a lot of money for books. I know this because I was basically told in high school and college, that “Darwin is the best we have, and that I should keep quiet and drink the kool-aid like a nice evolutionist.” I was also told that if I did not drink the kool-aid and read the books, that I would not graduate.

Now, to be fair, I did not have to pay for those books when I was in grade school and high school, but my parents did (this is something we like to call Taxes). Later, when I went to college, some nice professors who used to be scientists wrote some books that they wanted me to buy for college (except I was never asked if I wanted to buy these books). I paid a lot for those books, and I worked in rich peoples’ yards during the day, and the fight section in the football stadium at night to pay for them. hen I complained about the expensive books, I was told “just drink the kool-aid, kid and shut up!”

They taught me that one fine morning, a speck of non-matter up and blew itself to smithereens. Later, those smithereens formed into a cloud of vacuous gas which further combined to create a primordial soup (not very unlike Campbell’s I might add) . The soup got sick of being just plain old soup one day, and grew itself a little tail. Anyway, the result was Walter Cronkite and blah blah blah (no wonder these books sell for less than ID).

Anyway – at the risk of actually getting to a point, I just have to conclude that if kids like me have had to buy expensive books about exploding primordial soup for all of these years, and their parents had to buy them for all the years before that, then I guess it’s okay by me if a handful of ID snake-oil salesmen want to push their wares at a slightly higher price to do a little catching up. Now, let’s go find us a really expensive, thick one!

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October 23, 2005 at 10:22 pm

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