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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Having Less of a Problem With Miers for SCOTUS

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I’ve been holding my tongue on this for the simple reason that I don’t know enough. Sitting quietly and listening during heated debate is always a good exercise in restraint, and for me has produced much more clarity of late. What the secular world (including the good folks at conservative hallmarks like the NRO and Corner) does not grasp, and rightly so, is the end game and worldview of the evangelical Christian. The concept that someone can suddenly change, and very firmly so, is foreign to the secular world. The concept of sudden and absolute forgiveness is also foreign. Both change and forgiveness are pillars of the Christ centered worldview, but not of the secular worldview.

On the subject of technical qualifications, I am starting to lean in Hugh Hewitt’s direction mainly because I am a huge fan of the least elite. I love the underdog, and I enjoy seeing problems and circumstances through different colored glasses and perspectives. Hugh has made an excellent point before that many of Miers’ loudest detractors would give their own eye teeth to have even a brief, flirting brush with her level of experience and influence. It has also been said by others that Miers’ nomination is either the dumbest or brightest move by this president so far. If it is the latter, then Mr Bush will have accomplished a coup de etat, the like of which we have not witnessed in a very long time. Both Bush and Rove have been underestimated so many times by both left and right, that I have to guess at this point that they have anticipated this chess move for some time, knowing already much more than current critics, what it would take to get past the log jam of the Democrat filibuster and other obstructionist practices.

Bush and Rove have an impressive record of beating the liberals and media at their own game, and looking at past performance, I simply have to wonder what they know that I and more experienced pundits like Kristol do not. Success at the hill is typically determined by what one knows in advance about the final tally of “Yes” votes. I look forward to seeing how this battlefield shapes up, and what surprises may be in store. I also encourage you to spend some time at Hewitt’s page because he is doing a fair and fine job of hi-lighting the pros and cons of this nominee.


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October 14, 2005 at 7:55 am

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