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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

RFK Jr and the Germans Declare Judgment

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I just have to shake my head at stuff like this and laugh, although a bit wryly. Before the catastrophe has even finished (New Orleans is still flooding as I write), the Germans are wagging their green fingers at the US saying “you should have listened to us and joined Kyoto!!” The bandwagon of buffoons and fools will most likely continue to pile higher as this all unfolds. RFK has apparently passed judgment on all of Louisiana since he is positive that CO2 and Republican policy is to blame for this storm. That’s Ok Robert, we’ll just forego all those pesky stats for now.

Meanwhile, the hard science still sits neglected and unused in the corner while all of this caterwalling and hand-wringing goes on. No shred of evidence that humans either caused, or can even minutely affect global warming is cited – anywhere – but RFK prattles on, assuming the role of a wise old father chiding his unruly brood.

The Bible says that natural disasters such as earthquakes and weather patterns will do things never seen before, and that the earth (and people on it) will be scorched with heat. I am certain that global warming will eventually take place here on earth, but it is more likely to turn into global frying. Neither RFK, the Germans, or any manner of protocols will be able to do anything about this when it really starts to happen for real. As for natural distasters? Yeah, they happen – there’s a giant super-volcano bubbling up under Yellowstone that would make St Helens look like a pop gun. Maybe we could create an omnibus to Kyoto that would build this giant drill to relieve molten core pressure and there-by save the midwest and all the baby animals from certain distruction! RFK – where are you when we need you???!!


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August 31, 2005 at 7:44 am

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