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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Do Republicans Say Stupid Things? Yup…

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Tancredo waxes er.., how shall we say it? Stupid?

I noted this at and the only point I disagree with Hewitt on is his claim that this is not a war against Islam. Tancredo was not very wise in his brash statement about bombing holy sites, but he is not far off in his opinion that Islam is a danger no matter how you slice it. People in general have a fondness for talking about Muslim extremists as though there is just a small band of them somewhere robbing liquor stores. The reality is that the extremists in Islam seem to be the small percentage of the Muslim world population which is actually pacifist and does not want the US to burn in fire. The marginal and radical Muslim (as measured by what Muslims call ‘radical’) is peace loving and does not want a person to die for the sole reason that they are Jewish or American.

So – Tancredo could have chosen better words, to be sure, but let’s not forget that Islam is to blame for radical Islam, and it is Islam which brings warriors across borders to die in the name of Allah for a country they have no vested interest in. There is truly no other religion in the world which can drive hatred and violence as does Islam.

Some irony for you: I told a neighbor the other day that the major difference between my God and the false god of Islam is that my God demands my forgiveness for even such as Bin laden. Islam serves a god that demands my submission or death simply for believing in a God which demands my love and forgiveness for Islam. It is for this reason that Tancredo’s words are not wise.


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July 18, 2005 at 12:36 pm

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