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Republicans slam Pelosi’s comments as ‘demoralizing’

Recalling my brief time in the service at West Point, I can honestly say that the physical treatment and eating regimen I received as a Plebe was much worse than anything I ever heard about at Abu Ghraib or Gitmo combined. Those were underwear on their heads, right? These people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, and it’s really starting to show. I have to think that Dean, Durbin and Pelosi are doing themselves serious damage here. They are beginning to look like the little kids’ table at the family Thanksgiving dinner. I also believe that in the big picture, this will prove to be very valuable to those re-shaping themselves for the ’08 run. After hearing these three bloviate, Hillary is going to look like Pat Robertson.

“A Rasmussen Reports survey conducted this week found that 36 percent of Americans say the detainees are being treated better than they deserve, and another 34 percent say they are being treated about right. Just one in five say the detainees are being treated unfairly, with 10 percent saying they do not know.”

Ordinary Americans seem to get it – Dean-elosi is still out in the parking lot with Mike Moore. Could’ja please get my SUV for me while you’re out there, Nancy?


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June 23, 2005 at 8:03 am

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