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I Think Joe’s Right

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Joe Klein is one of the liberal MSM pundits that I just don’t read too much. First, because his obvious hatred for anything “Precambrian Right” drips from everything he writes, but also because he writes for TIME, which I consider, well, a waste of time. But, still, I do not ignore writers like Joe, or time-wasters like TIME. …everything has its purpose!

I think Joe’s right about Hillary though, and I even think he’s right about Jeb too – so, there’s two things I agree with Joe on. I think the best thing about Joe’s article here is that he doesn’t mince words on why Hillary is a really bad idea for the Dems in ’08. He brings up some very good points that a lot of the hyping Hillary fanatics out there have either swished under the carpet, or have simply forgotten. I think his point regarding another “2 for 1 presidency” is maybe the best. Klein thinks it would be hard for America to stomach another spousal veep in the Whitehouse. This is something that no one mentions, but that the current Bush family does extremely well in my opinion. As much as the liberals hate GW, they just can’t find it in themselves to rip into Laura, and for good reason – that’s just it: they have no reason.

But back to Hillary – Klein draws another interesting parallel as he compares a potential Hillary campaign to the Dean implosion in Iowa. Dean was a fresh, energetic newcomer, but when mainstream voters got a good, extended look at him, they saw him for what he really was, and that was an unpredictable, undisciplined campaigner from the marginalized Gore, Kucinich and Michael Moore fringes. Some may call that an unfair characterization, but that’s what red-state America perceived – and as Michael Moore learned – America is still a red-state country after all.

So – Klein is dead-on in my opinion regarding Hillary. She’s not dumb, or necessarily evil – she just happens to carry more baggage than a Samsonite factory. She is also not the smooth-tongued wizard that her womanizing husband is/was. Sure, she has learned to hastily paint on some decent military and religious stripes, but she would be much better wearing those stripes as an obstructionist liberal in the Senate.

As long as the Dems keep fielding the Deans and the Clintons of their ranks, I think the Republicans will continue enjoy majorities and gain electoral ground. That is, unless we try to field another Bush in ’08….

Sorry Jeb, but Joe’s right on this one.


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May 9, 2005 at 11:41 am

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