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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Help! – Scientists Repressed By Religious Inquisition!

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UPDATE: To his credit, Alan Boyle invited feedback via email egarding the article referenced below. I wrote a brief summary of my argument to him, and he has posted it along with other “for” and “against” responses he received. Even though I find myself in opposition to many of Boyle’s conclusions, I do respect him for allowing opposing views. The updated feedback section including my email to Alan Boyle can be found here:

Original Blog:

Alan Boyle at the Cosmic Log put out a bizarre piece yesterday that left me pretty much baffled. His tone makes it sound like these fledgling scientific organizations are experiencing some kind of “Galileo-like” persecution at the hands of the all-powerful church for touting evolution in their productions.

AAAS Chief Executive Officer Alan Leshner expressed “strong concerns” about the potential suppression of scientific information in a letter sent to the Association of Science-Technology Centers.

According to Boyle, “word is spreading” that these venues are fearful that if they do not present material that “toes the biblical line” they will put off a large portion of the viewers and lose business. Check this quote out:

Last week, word spread that some Imax big-screen theaters were turning thumbs down on science documentaries that didn’t toe the biblical line on life’s origins — out of concern that the evolutionary debate would hold down attendance.

Oh my goodness! Help, Help – I’m being repressed!

Okay – for the “I’m baffled part:” I’ve been watching these Imax shows since I was a little kid, and all I can remember from them is the evolution mantra of “primordial soups,” “big bangs” and “fish crawling toward L.A. to make a better life for themselves.” Of course every one of these was prefaced by “3 buhzillion eons ago…” I now have the HD TV channels which I enjoy quite a bit, and I see all of these Imax films on a regular basis in my own home, so I can see the content for myself, thank you. The particular show in question that was squashed and suppressed is here: Hopefully Boyle will come up with all of the other poor evolutionist shows that have been squashed so we can be sure to go see those as well.

Toeing the biblical line – you’ve got to be kidding me. Alan Leshner and Alan Boyle need to realize that a very large segment (some would argue the majority) of our population still has not bought into the religion that is Darwinism, but we still get it crammed down our throats on a daily basis anyway via public schools, universities and other tax dollar funded programs. What about the suppression of the creationist view?

Funny – but I’ve never heard that view in an Imax theater.


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April 4, 2005 at 6:48 am

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