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Tom Daschle Starts Own Company With New Product Line

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Mar 3, 2005

After Tom gets through with dedicating his new building in DC, he’ll be heading up a different kind of project at home. That’s right – Daschle Barrier Enterprises will open its doors in late 2005, ushering in a new era of obstruction for this Democrat who lost his job in November.

“The Senate is no longer my home” said Tom Daschle, sporting a brand new shiny yellow hard hat. He is walking the production floor of his new facility in South Dakota where he will be building a new line of Security Barriers. “Oddly enough, these new security barriers remind me a little of my many years in government.” says Daschle with his trademark grin and twinkling eyes.

Tom is referring to his recent years spent almost exclusively blocking Bush’s court nominees and filibustering crucial votes for the Republicans. “These concrete and water-filled plastic barriers are the best product out there because when it comes to blocking and obstructing things – I really know what I’m doing” laughs Daschle as he heads off to confer with his foreman. Selected Pete wishes Tom well, and if we ever need a good security barrier – well, we’ll go to the best in the business.


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March 3, 2005 at 8:03 am

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