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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Moyers: There Is No Tomorrow… and Christians are to blame for it

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Once again, Bill Moyers waxes eloquently, despondently, and predictably leftwardly…

I recently read an announcement from my old college alma matre announcing a visit by Bill Moyers to their annual writer’s symposium. My old school (which will remain nameless for now) used to be the most conservative, Bible-believing institution on the block (especially by California standards). I have proof of this because I once was sentenced to some odd hours of public service cutting and whacking vines from one of its education buildings for the minor offense of (gasp) going line dancing at a local western saloon. [Insert Secret: I don’t even enjoy country music, but my dorm leaders convinced me to go just for the heck of it, and we didn’t even imbibe.]

I digress….

So – when I learned that this school was inviting Bill Moyers to teach their students about the wiles of the journalism industry, I sort of gasped out loud. There was a glowing description of the man with words like:

“The ‘Bill Moyers Reports’ program and ‘NOW with Bill Moyers’ on Public Television have been some of the most highly regarded broadcasts because of their thoroughness, their creativity, their accuracy, and their stunning craft of storytelling.”

Their stunning craft of storytelling…..really. Another accolade read:

“Moyers may be one of the most important people in broadcast journalism history,”


I had not read much on Moyers recently, so I went to Google and did a quick search on him. This article was one of the more prominent results, and it was also quite recent, so here you are..There Is No Tomorrow. by Bill Moyers. You too can find this gem of an article touted on most of the same web sites that promote peace, harmony and a loving devotion to hemp. I found it via Based on Moyers’ absolutely dizzying left-logic, this whole diatribe basically boils down to another whining liberal agenda journalist soothing his sores from November 2 by claiming such shell-shockers as:

1. Christians concocted the Bible and took it out of context (wow – original, and that took guts to write!)
2. Christians are to blame for global warming, and they actually want it to happen. (James Watts is actually canvassing the country with an axe trying to fell all remaining trees.)
3. Christians are being manipulated and herded by Karl Rove, who apparently runs the US now.
4. Karl Rove whistles “Onward Christian Soldiers” a lot.

What does all of this illustrate? Well, for starters, it shows the incredible willingness of certain Christian institutions to stick their heads in the sand and then grasp for something, anything, in the secular world that might make them look more mainstream and “with it.” I do believe the likes of Moyers, Donahue, Dowd and other MSM heavyweights could literally hold anti-Christian rallies in front of some of these so-called Christian institutions, and these institutions would turn right back around and ask them to speak to their students on graduation day to instill some much-needed wisdom….indeed.

I wrote a letter to my old school asking them to please pull their heads out of the sand with regard to Bill Moyers (well, I said it a little more respectfully than that). I await their response, and I hope they will stop making kids pull vines off of their buildings for line dancing.


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February 9, 2005 at 2:26 pm

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