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Quid Pro Quo part II – Selected Pete Reviews Fahrenhype 9/11

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Pete’s Review of Fahrenhype 9/11

I got my copy of Fahrenhype a couple of days ago, and had no idea what to expect as far as content, rhetoric and actual entertainment value. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical because I just didn’t know how well it would be able to answer Moore’s allegations in Fahrenheit. What I wanted to see: Clear, cogent analysis of Moore’s film. What I did not want to see: 80 minutes of Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. I was pleasantly surprised, and I guarantee you will be too. Here’s why:

[note: Our two movies will now be referred to as ‘Hype’ and ‘Heit’.] Who’s Credible?

Who’s Credible?

I have already heard from the left that Hype has no credibility whatsoever because it employs people like Ann Coulter “and a host of other right wing nut cases.” Really? This type of response does not sound very tolerant or diverse to me. Even supposing this argument is true, does it now mean that only the far-fringe left people like Moore are credible? Who’s suppressing whom here?

Surprisingly, the most heard voices in this film are actor Ron Silver, and Dick Morris, former friend, confidant and political advisor to the Clintons. Morris, of all people, is an excellent source of credibility for this film, since he has had a front row perspective to the events and stats shaping Heit and Hype.

In Hype, Coulter is seen very little, and, for good reason. Coulter generally comes across as an angry name-caller, and is seen as too shrill to be really credible to many liberals. True, Coulter and Koch have parts in this film, but they are brief cameos compared to the actual interviews of real participants in Heit. I believe I only saw Coulter 3 or 4 times in the movie, and these were brief one or two-liners. In all honesty, the movie would have been exactly the same, and more credible to the left without her.

Hype was obviously designed to imitate the format and timeline of the original Heit film. It was done this way so that the viewer could remember Heit and do side by side comparisons of the information presented. It is narrated by Ron Silver, of the West Wing, and Ron also adds his own commentary in a couple of places during the film. My Pet Goat

My Pet Goat

One of the strongest moments of the film was the opening scene depicting Bush in the elementary school supposedly reading “My Pet Goat” to the children. I was very surprised when the first face and voice on Hype was none other than the actual Sarasota Elementary School Principal, Gwendolyn Tose-Rigell. This woman who voted against Bush in 2000 was probably the most cogent, and clear speaker I have heard in a long time. She lays out the timeline in very good detail, provides context, and then crumbles Moore’s ridiculous claim that the president should have jumped up and …..done…what? I wonder what Moore would have done- maybe he could have done something in six minutes….stunning…provocative, even!I did get a chance a while back to write about this in a blog called 33 Critical Minutes. Please check it out, because Kerry got on this seven minute bandwagon as well, and I think this kind of carping is exactly what will kill his bid for the presidency – simply a non-event with a good, plausible explanation by the people that were actually there.

Soldiers: “I Don’t Need Michael Moore To Save Me…”

The real achievement of Hype is in its ability to give a voice to many of the soldiers and families of the fallen that were not given the option to speak their own mind in Heit. These people were filmed in places like Walter Reed hospital and funeral services, of all places without their knowledge or permission. The scenes at Walter Reed would have you think that Moore is actually walking around amongst the soldiers with his crew, when in fact Moore never even went to Walter Reed, and he never spoke to those soldiers who lost limbs for their country. If he had, he would have gotten an earful. Instead, Moore uses his one, token deserter who refuses to go back to Iraq as his poster boy for dissent. Reminds me of…
Winter Soldier.

Refuting Allegations in Heit

Hype takes Heit to task on several key elements by going point to point through Heit’s discussion of the Carlyle Group, the Bush-Saudi ties, the Bin Laden “escape from NY” allegations and the phony Afghan pipeline story. Using Moore’s own dizzying logic, Hype links George Soros and Kerry himself to the Bin laden investments in Carlyle. Moore’s Heit suggests without actually saying it, that we should have held the Bin Ladens for questioning, and what? Gitmo? Rubber hose? Maybe put some underwear on their heads and really make them sweat it out? Come on, Michael.

Note: Richard Clarke actually debunks the Bin Laden family escape
all by himself, because before Hype went to press, he clarified that the Bin
Laden families were not allowed to leave until airspace was cleared for
everybody. He also stated clearly that the orders to let them leave went
no higher than himself (and this is a guy that did a hit piece on the

Points We Agree On

Hype concedes at one point that America’s long-standing relationship with the Saudis is a problem that has plagued us. I happen to agree with Moore and Hype on this point. When 19 out of 19 hijackers come from our biggest “allies,” in the Middle East, I’d really like to know what our enemies would do to us. For Moore to insinuate that this is all due to the Bush family, well, that is simply a myth, and cursory examination of oil history reveals this. A thoughtful reader to my earlier post on Heit mentions that there is much more damning evidence against the Bush admin ala other tomes and movies, and I partly agree with this. Certainly there have been failures on the part of the Bush administration over a number of issues including border security and illegal immigration, for instance.

Who Wins?

If this were an actual collegiate debate where each side has to give facts and statistics for point totals, Heit would die an ugly, ugly death, right there on the podium. Liberals and Conservatives should take the time and watch both of these films side by side, because it will truly give you a clear picture of who is playing on emotions and who is doing their homework. Some will say that Moore’s work is just satire and humor. That’s not what Moore intended. He wants you to get foaming mad at the president and then vote him from office. He’s traveling to your kid’s college today to give them free underwear and tell them that America is what Al Qaeda says it is – the great evil, corporate Satan.

About The End Game…

The bottom line here is that Moore’s stated objective is to remove Bush from office via Fahrenheit, and his speaking engagements (which, by the way, include free underwear.) The alternative to Bush is Kerry. On Nov 2, it will be Kerry that concedes, not Bush…..after the litigation dust settles of course! Kerry will fail because his platform is based on the Deans, Moores and Gores and the always-looming, effervescent Clinton. The moderate voices of the Democratic party have been drowned out by the Dean scream, still echoing in the Midwest somewhere. America will choose Bush for his consistency and decisive behavior, and because he will stay the course while others wring their hands.


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October 28, 2004 at 6:54 am

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  1. Defending the “seven minutes thing” is just daft mate.
    It looked horrible. No one says he should have sprinted into action, but what would you have done?
    I mean really….would you have sat there. I don’t even doubt you would not. I know you would not.

    And the point people make about that is his overused characterisation of himself as decisive.

    You also noted the movies both showing apparent links to the investments. Well?
    So what?
    Moore put it out there for intelligent viewers to filter the plausibility.

    I won’t go on, but, I think you enegaged in alot of excuse making for the President. He was in charge, it does not matter how long Kerry or Soros, or you, or me took to respond. He was charged with the responsibilty.

    Most people are tired of his not taking the responsibilty.
    Even with the Iraq fiasco, and I am delinking the two events, (something they have failed to do) his defence is Kerry had the same evidence and concluded the dame thing.

    So what?
    He just doesn’t get it, as the ad says.
    If we want to blame Kerry we might as well vote him into office.

    Good blog though. Sorry if I rambled too long.


    October 29, 2004 at 9:16 am

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