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Stem Cell Research – Hype vs Reality

This will be a new area that goes under a heading of The Controversial Stuff! in the SelectedPete blog. Visit it later on as I will be adding some interesting article research on it. Hat tip goes to my friend Glen for pointing out today’s article by Charles Colson on the hype vs reality in this growing debate.

Unless you are a Christian, the debate over stem cell research may simply be another of many arguments that leave you wondering, “what’s the big deal?” The debate is a simple one really – it hi-lites the differences between the Humanist and the Christian world views. If you wonder which side you should be on, then you may want to do some looking at the real evidence posed by those who would open wide the door to this burgeoning field. So far, they are offering very little in the way of hard science, and quite a lot in the way of emotion and speculation.

Some websites mentioned in Colson’s page include:

Human Dignity in the Biotech Century: A Christian Vision for Public Policy (InterVarsity, 2004).

Council for Biotechnology Policy

Center for Bioethics and Culture


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September 27, 2004 at 9:10 pm

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