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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

Lying To Confirm The Truth

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“Fake But Accurate” Becomes A New Journalistic Standard

Dan Rather and CBS have stubbornly continued stonewalling the American public, refusing to admit what basically every other media outlet has acknowledged: He was duped. But Rather does not like the word “duped” it seems.

The story that wasn’t news still remains a non story for the same reason it was a non story at the outset of Bush’s other political races. Bush, unlike Kerry, unlike Clinton, and unlike many other of his opponents, is a changed man. Kerry stobbornly refuses to retract or apologize for his mis-characterization of tens of thousands of honorable Vietnam vets who are still angry and hurt over the Winter Soldier. They’re angry about his book The New Soldier. Never heard of the New Soldier? I’m not surprised. No 60 minutes episodes on that one though…unbelievable.

As I have stated before, Bush was most likely part of some kind of “fortunate son” scenario, and if I have not said it enough, here I go again: He partied too much. He drank too much, and wonder of wonders – he admits it and says that he changed his life at the age of 40. Thanks to Laura, Bush had a choice – Laura or Booze. He chose Laura, and he also chose God – the rest is history.

Meanwhile, the groupthink that continues to plague Dan, Tom and Peter on the alphabet networks has finally been exposed for what it really is. Dan, Tom and Peter have always been the brokers and the voices for the “latest breaking news”, but no longer. Talk Radio has been a power like never before, and now the internet via serious analysts and pundits such as LittleGreenFootballs is moving information and analysis of that information in real time.

Don’t let the names fool you – bloggers that drive stories such as Hugh Hewitt, have far more credentials in place than your typical reporter. Many of these people were part of past presidential administrations, covert ops teams, intelligence agencies and other nameless entities that watched the shaping of history over the last 3 decades.

I believe this election is George Bush’s election to lose. Michael Moore, Barbara Streisand and the far left fringe will discover on election night that America is smarter and much more principaled than they ever thought possible. They will once again be reminded that they are the 2% of voters who actually think that the war in Afghanistan was over an oil pipeline.

Bush’s campaign has never once been based on a day of service in the national guard. His opponent is quite the opposite to the chagrin of folks like Clinton and McAuliffe. Watch very closely in the following days to see exactly where the trail of Rather’s forged documents leads. There is a reason that Rather and CBS have been so unwilling to admit they were duped, and they are scrambling right now as I write to figure out how to keep it quiet.


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September 20, 2004 at 8:08 pm

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