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Kerry’s Fake Voice

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Is he imitating Hitchcock or Kennedy?

I have now heard several audio cuts of the infamous 1971 testimony that Kerry gave, and I have to say that I find his speaking and “accent’very strange. Granted, the content of what he said is the real issue, but the actual sound of his voice makes me think that he was trying to imitate someone else, or that he was speaking in an actor’s voice for some kind of theatrical affect.

Click Here for audio of Kerry’s 1971 Senate Testimony

I found the above link which is probably the most widely used portion of his speech and which I think describes this “fake theatrical voice” the best. Kerry’s speaking character seems like it is always dripping with condescension anyway, but if you listen to just the voice now and just the voice then, there seems to be a huge difference.

I can only conclude that Kerry must have pictured himself on some great performance stage and that he was trying to take on some kind of Kennedy-esque “great statesman” character. I don’t hear him talking like this anywhere else, and frankly, it just sounds (for lack of a better word) stupid in this clip. I really think this guy is in some kind of alter-ego Kennedy fantasy land.

Kerry’s obsession with JFK was both obvious and well-documented even while he was aboard the swiftboats. He even went as far as to ask that he be called JFK since the initials matched. His later tutilage by Teddy Kennedy must have also really been a huge factor to this man. To emulate someone you respect is one thing, but to take on their speaking voice is just …creepy.


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September 16, 2004 at 7:35 pm

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