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And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

CBS’ Eager Beaver

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Who Dares to disturb the great and powerful Dan Rather???!

If Dan Rather were to appear in a well-powdered wig and raise a golden scepter to the blast of trumpets at the start of his nightly broadcast, he might actually get me to believe that I was just fortunate to be able to even view his majesty and countenance, and that I could never, ever, consider even the slightest notion that his graciousness might ever utter a flawed statement.

The papers, and miniscule little bloggers like myself have been following Dan for a little over a week now since he aired his controversial “memos” which purportedly gave credence to reports that Bush received preferential treatment so he could escape National Guard duty early.

Ok – Let’s just go ahead and suppose that Bush received the preferential treatment that CBS refers to. Let’s also suppose that George Bush got placed in the reserves via the “fortunate son” scenario the democrats are whining about right now. Stay with me here…

Let’s even go a little further now and say that George Bush was not really a very model citizen during those years – he drank a lot, partied and mingled excessively, if you will.

Well, honestly, I think much of this may be true of George Bush, but I do not know. I am also guessing that there was some preferential treatment in there – it’s bound to happen one way or another when you are part of a family of influence during times like that, but again – I just don’t know.

The clowns at CBS want you to know that even though no one will corroborate any of their evidence, that George Bush definitely did these things and that they are sure they are correct at the end of the day. The problem with CBS and Dan Rather’s arrogant stance is that they have their suspicions of Bush, but they crossed the line into wanting something that was not real to be real. They broke what tiny little bit of trust we had in them and just revised their way to the conclusion.

As Hank Hill would say: “That ain’t right.”

As I have stated in previous posts, Bush is a man that had his share of problems and demons in the past – no doubt about it. The difference between people like him and Bill Clinton, or John Kerry is that he has repeatedly acknowledged this, and resolved to move on. He also has not used this time of his life as the cornerstone of his campaign.

Issues such as Jane Fonda, Winter Soldier and discarded war medals are killing Kerry because they were an issue back then, and they are also the foundation of his claim to legitimacy as a leader now. His inability to renounce these things are the reason they dog him today.

The pathetic and arrogant path that CBS is headed down today is a simple testament to their unspoken desire to find anything they can on this president and run with it. Never mind the eye-witness accounts of more than 300 swiftboat vets – Dan Rather would prefer to sniff out a handful of people that are running from this story like rats from a sinking ship.

Dan – Just because you believe something is true, does not give you or any other knowledge broker in the media, the excuse to push unverified trash. You and CBS should be ashamed of what you have become.


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September 14, 2004 at 7:29 am

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