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Let The Political Human Sacrifice Begin!

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Why Republicans need to give Republicans a wake-up call they won’t forget…

The John and Ken show airs on KFI 640AM on my afternoon drive home, and they have absolutely hit on an issue that is fracturing the Republican party right now – illegal immigration. One thing I enjoy about this show is that these guys take no prisoners. They come up with innovative ways to get issues talked about, and they are like pitbulls with a steak in their mouth when it comes to sticking with the issue.

John and Ken have been hitting illegal immigration heavily as of late, and rightfully so, since it is such a wedge issue here in Southern California. Immigration here is the big elephant in the room that no one is willing to tackle. The situation seems to be compounded now by the fact that even our whitehouse will not support securing our borders or enforcing immigration laws. Case in point is the Asa Hutchinson interview done by John and Ken. Hutchinson, for lack of better terms is a “Bush Lackey” working for the Department of Homeland Defense. If you listen to the audio, you will get a good whiff of politics as usual in the Bush Camp, and a wishy-washy response from their spokesperson on why things are not getting done.

John and Ken have begun a campaign that I think is brilliant. It is called Political Human Sacrifice, and the goal is to identify a Sacramento Republican that talks big, but does little on the border issue. Everyone knows that the Democrats are even a worse basket case on this issue, but Republicans including the Bush Administration are claiming they are serious about border security, and doing absolutely nothing about it. What is worse, they are taking my Republican vote for granted.

Adding fuel to the fire are recent reports that people close to the president such as Karl Rove are actually trying to silence legislators who are actively pursuing border security and illegal immigration. They are doing this in deference to the globalization of business trend and because of vote pandering. If this is true, then Republicans need to get on board with this idea and fall on our swords just once to show our party that we mean business.

It is exactly this level of hypocrisy that makes me angry enough to walk away from George Bush or any other politician who thinks they can take me for granted at the polls. Will I vote for John Kerry? Probably not, but right about now, the Mickey Mouse party is looking fairly credible…..


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August 25, 2004 at 8:09 am

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