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Liberals’ Bitter Hatred For Reagan

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The Attacks Begin

It amazes me just how much bitter hatred there still is held by Liberals for Reagan. As a conservative, I was absolutely ashamed of what the Clinton legacy left behind, but I still cannot say that I lost my respect for the office Clinton held and for the Presidency itself. I have to say that if Clinton, or any president were to die for whatever reason, I should hope to retain just a bit of decency and respect for the man and for the office he held. Just a few months ago, I recall one of “those conversations” with a liberal friend in which he actually said that Republicans tended much more than Democrats to be grudge holders. I flatly denied his charge, and inwardly thought it to be extremely naive, but some of the vitriol coming out of the far left right now does not help his point much I must say.

As with any leader, Reagan was not perfect by any stretch of things. There were some sides to him that I still do not particularly care for, but in comparison to other leaders, he stood out in stark contrast, and the people who say things like this, really are not giving him credit where it is due.

Beware, because some of these articles are absolutely hateful and foul, but I think it is prudent and advantageous to know your adversary – even if it wrenches your heart strings to hear.

Singer Morrissey: “Bush should have died, not Reagan”
Christopher Hitchens: “A Cruel and stupid lizard”
Greg Palast: Good Riddance, Gipper

These people write on behalf of the very secular and liberal segment of our society today. Hitchens writes for Vanity Fair, Palast draws his energy directly from the Moore and Chomsky reservoir, and Morrissey represents the liberal European music scene which wallows daily in their own mire of appeasement and godless socialism.

The only thing that can possibly calm me when I see things like this is that in the end, God is in control, and He sent His only Son to die and be separated from Him for none other than Morrissey, Hitchens and Palast. I would not aspire to fill their shoes for even one minute on this earth.

Written by selectedpete

June 8, 2004 at 7:23 am

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