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Farewell to Ronnie

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RIP “The Gipper”

Monday and back to work – Mixed emotions this day about the death of Ronald Reagan over the weekend. I say mixed because he has been battling Alzheimer’s for what seems like so long now, and this will be an end to that suffering, but also that he will be missed by many including myself. I was a young teen during the Reagan years of the 80’s, and I never realized the true extent to which Reagan changed the American and world landscape both then and now. I’ll defer to other more talented and knowledgeable writers to pay tribute to the man, but I will say that I am appreciative of this leader, and thankful that he was there during those times. It is very easy to forget what Reagan really stood for and what transpired during his years, so I will post some interesting info here. America kept its edge and stayed strong just a little longer because of men like him. I hope I’ll see the Gipper in heaven some day…RIP, Ronnie.


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June 7, 2004 at 7:25 am

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